Book Reviews

——————————– Review of Books  ——————————–

Love Wins (By Rob Bell. HarperOne, 2011)
Can small churches be strategically small? (By Brandon J. O’Brien.  Bethany House, 2010)
Homosexuality and the Christian (By Mark Yarhouse.  Bethany House, 2010)
Your Church is Too Small (By John H. Armstrong.  Zondervan, 2010)
Original Sinners
(By John R. Coats. Free Press, 2009)
The Next Evangelicalism (By Soong-Chan Rah. IVP, 2009)
James (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the N.T.)
(By Dan G. McCartney. Baker Academic, 2009)
Simple Spirituality (By Christopher L. Heuertz. InterVarsity Press, 2008)
Philippians and Philemon (New Testament Library) (By Charles B. Cousar. WJK Press, 2009)
Kairos Preaching: Speaking the Gospel to the Situation
(By David Schnasa Jacobsen and Robert Allen Kelly.  Augsburg Fortress, 2009)
Introducing Covenant Theology
(By Michael S. Horton. Baker Books, 2009)
Fearless (By Max Lucado. Thomas Nelson, 2009)
Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? (By James M. Boice. Crossway, 2009)
Preserving Democracy (By Elgin Husbeck Jr., Energion Publications, 2009)
The Christian Vision of God (By Alister McGrath.  Fortress Press, 2009)
Calvin (By Willem Van’t Spijker. Westminster John Knox, 2009)
Calvin (Abingdon Pillars of Theology) (By George W. Stroup. Abingdon,2009)
1-2 Timothy, Titus, Hebrews (Cornerstone) (Tyndale House, 2009)
Best Advice: Wisdom on Ministry from 30 Leading Pastors & Preachers (WJK, 2009)
Christless Christianity (By Michael Horton. Baker Books, 2008)
Mark (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the N.T.) (By Robert H. Stein. Baker Academic, 2008)
Jeremiah: A Commentary (Old Testament Library) (By Leslie C. Allen. WJK Press, 2008)
I, II, & III John: A Commentary (New Testament Library) (By Judith M. Lieu. WJK Press, 2008)
Life application bible studies: John, Acts, Hebrews, James (Tyndale, 2008)
Doctrines of Grace (By James M. Boice & Philip Ryken. Crossway, 2002)

——————————– Review of bibles ——————————–

HCSB Study Bible (Holman, 2010)
Common English Bible, New Testament (2010)

NLT Holy Bible: Mosaic (Tyndale, 2009)

NRSV Lutheran Study Bible (Augsburg Fortress, 2009)
NRSV Wesley Study Bible
(Abingdon Press, 2009)

ESV Study Bible (Crossway, 2008)
NLT Study Bible (Tyndale, 2008)
NRSV Discipleship Study Bible (WJK Press, 2008)
NLT 24/7 Bible (Tyndale, 2008)
TNIV Reference Bible (Renaissance Fine Leather) (Zondervan, 2007)

ESV Literary Study Bible (Crossway, 2007)

NLT Discover God Study Bible (Tyndale, 2007)

NIV Serendipity Study Bible (Serendipity House)

——————————– Other Reviews ——————————–

BibleWorks 8 (Software for Biblical Exegesis & Research)

UnChristian: Change the Perception (DVD) (Baker, 2009)