Media & Publications

Christianity Today
Relevant magazine
Alban Institute
Christian Century
One Place radio
Salt & Light TV

Culture & Society

BioLogos (Science & Christian faith)
First Things (journal)
Commentary Magazine (polit/culture)
White Horse Inn
Library of Liberty

Pastor’s Interest

Thom S.
Ministry Matters


Crosswalk bible
Blue Letter Bible
Scripture4all interlinear
Studylight bible
NET Bible
Modern Jesus army online bible
Online translations
Greek Bible Study
Inst. Biblical Greek
Bible Map
Interlinear Bible (BibleHub)
SBL Greek New Testament
Hebrew Interlinear Bible
Greek Interlinear Bible
Greek NT Nestle-Aland 27
Ancient Hebrew Research Center (Jewish texts/bible)

Bible Commentaries

The Pulpit Commentary
Arno Gaebelein’s Annotated Bible
IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Biblical Studies

Associates for Biblical Research
Center for the Study of
New Testament Manuscripts

Resource Pages for
Biblical Studies, Volda Univ.

Open Access Journals

Discipleship Links

Biblical Training
Daily Discipleship
Desperate Preacher’s Site
D. Nelson’s text studies
Daily Lectionary (CRI)
Center for Excellence in Preaching(Calvin Sem.)
Lutheran Bible Ministries
Into Thy Word
Daily Scripture Readings
The Lord’s Prayer
Pray As You Go (app)

Theology Links
Reformed Reader
Project Gutenberg
Book of Concord
Issues, Etc.
Project Wittenberg
Online Theology Library
N.T. Wright
Christian Classics Ethereal Lib.(CCEL)
CT Library: Church History
Early Christian Writings
CatholicCulture: Fathers of the Church Saints
Early Jewish Writings
Wesley center


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