Trump communicated to Christians and silent majority

trump-obamaThe day after President Trump’s inauguration, Democratic organizers changed what they planned as a victory parade into a women’s demonstration to protest against Trump in many cities across America.  It was also a protest against the what they “think” are Trump’s ideology of anti-women, anti-racial inequality, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-this, and anti-that.   The anti-Trump side dumped a lot of cooked-up baloney on Trump. And what surprises me is that they were surprised he won the election.  Liberals were completely mesmerized by the results because they were not listening to Trump’s real message, but only at how he communicated.

What pro-Clinton liberals and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge and accept the reasons why Trump won the election.  They are still reliving the election and are bitter against conservative populism being more popular than progressive liberalism.  But we can all agree on something: that Trump got elected for reasons other than his oratory skills, which is not the finest.  The hard-to-swallow truth is that Trump effectively spoke to the “silent majority” who felt their voices had not been heard, which included religious conservatives (Protestants, Catholics and evangelicals).  His message resonated with many other people within this silent majority including the working class, labor unions, classic Democrats and Republicans, educated professionals.   Trump’s message touched people of all stripes, even people of all color: white, black, Hispanics, Asian, (including disenchanted white supremacists which was unintentional).  Simply put, Trump had the right message, not Hillary Clinton. It was a masterful work of speaking to conservative populism in America.

franklingrahamHillary Clinton and Obama and the Democrats for many decades have totally ignored conservative populism and they chose to ignore them to their peril this election.  Despite the dishonest media’s gang-up on Trump in order to delegitimize his presidency even before he’s still barely getting started out the gate, Trump’s message is still getting out.  Good thing for Twitter.  Evangelicals were happy to see invited the Revs. Franklin Graham, Paula White, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, amongst others, invited to read scripture and pray at the Inauguration.  Hillary Clinton would have never given conservative evangelicals the time of day–except for scorn.  Trump has made religious conservatives (who had been treated like outsiders under Obama and Clinton) feel like insiders during this election.  It will continue in his nominations to key positions (incl. Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Elaine Chao, Rick Perry, Ken Blackwell, etc.).  This is why Liberal Democrats are attacking Trump and his Administration.  It is a battle over ideology and message rather than fluff.  Despite what the biased media may be reporting, Trump does have a real message, and it carries deep meaning to millions of God-fearing, God-loving Americans.

Trump does not talk like an insider politician and polish orator but yet, he won.  How did this happen?  He speaks using simple language, not as an educated scholar with a post-graduate degree.  A person without a high school degree can totally understand his message–including immigrants who cannot speak perfect English like my parents.  His style resonates with regular common people and this is what made his message so effective. I dare to liken Trump to young David to defeated Goliath.  Yes, the Clinton-Democratic election machine was ready for a huge defeat over Trump but yet they lost.  It was a big fall and hence, they had to turn the planned victory parade into a women’s protest in Washington, DC and other cities.

Obama chooses his words carefully and includes all people and speaks like a polish orator.  He tries to please everyone by including the outsiders to make them feel heard and included. This is good and admirable, and it even makes an Asian dude like me feel included.  This contrasts with the hard-hitting style of Trump who is fashioned like a bulldog; he bites hard and doesn’t let go of his opponent.   Like a Doberman, Trump barked at the elitists and called-out their dishonesty, and it scared them, hence the strong reaction from people, including Republican insiders.  Beholden to his opponents, Trump’s simple message hit the right points in people’s hearts and made outsiders feel like they were being heard and supported. Note that these outsiders are different from Obama’s outsiders.  This was a key to why Trump was so successful in winning the election.  It was Trump’s message that won their support–not his oratory speaking abilities.

To President Obama’s credit, Obama has a wonderful gift of speaking, and he stands in my books as one of the best orators. He knows how to inspire and include the listeners in his speeches (even Christians to an extent), and I think this was the reason why Obama got elected back in 2008.  But whether he actually united people or not is another thing.  Just as President Reagan was known as “the communicator”, I would opine that Obama’s oration skills is up there along with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. If this election were Obama vs Trump, it would make for an very interesting battle–two effective communicators in a war of words.

We wish outgoing President Obama and his family best wishes, happiness and security.  We also wish incoming President Trump and his family prosperity, peace, happiness and God’s protection in the coming term.  God bless you all, and may God bless America.


Is Donald Trump pre-ordained for a time and place today?

History pointed to a leader born to fulfill a purpose.  Winston Churchill was someone who was seen as controversial, openly direct and honest. He went down in history as one of the greatest politicians and statesmen in British history. He surprised many Brits during the Second World War by giving his opinion that Britain must stand up against Hitler and Nazi Germany. This “ruffled many feathers.” imagesThe huge majority of British Parliamentarians did not feel comfortable bucking the trend and remained silent by not stirring the pot. However, Churchill was one man who refused to remain quiet. He openly and directly confronted British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Parliament and urged other nations in the western world to stand up and confront the dangers of Nazism and Adolf Hitler. If Britain did not, these dangers would come back to haunt the nation. Churchill was right.  Hitler would eventually bomb London, England.  Churchill would eventually be elected the Prime Minister to take Britain into the Second World War and defeat Hitler. It was a hard path but he was the man who rose to power at the right time and place to change the history of Europe forever.

Like Churchill, there is the possibility that President-elect Donald Trump might be a leader fit for a special purpose to lead the U.S. in this time of need. The economy seems headed into a collision course; and radical Islam, ISIS and jihadism has as their goal the establishment of a caliphate.  trump3Do you think Trump might be pre-ordained for a time and place today to be a leader of the United States of America for a special reason and season? I do think he has the great potential to be a voice of realism and tilt a balance of power in a direction the nation needs to take.

In defense of President-elect Donald Trump


During this 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump earned a reputation as a personality who is easy to hate because of his bombastic personality and tone of voice directed at his opponents.  Most would dread to be his opponent, either in politics or in the business world because he eats his opponents alive. Some call the man an “equal opportunity offender.”  True, he offends both friend and foe alike, even his fellow Republicans.  Most of us would never think of uttering the words he openly flung at his opponents.  Given that he is an “equal opportunity offender”–whatever that means, he would offend both men and women, both gay and straight, both racial minorities and the white majority, and all members of both political parties. Would that be consistent?  Yes, probably. Does it make it alright?  No.  I think Trump has made enemies of all people for life.  But does he care?  Probably not.

However, I wish to say something in defense of the man.  I understand the place Donald Trump comes from. I have known and experienced the likes of his personality. The man does come across as being crass, unsophisticated, and tough; but does it mean that it disqualifies him from being an effective leader? I definitely don’t think so. I know liberal elites will have a tough time swallowing the fact about who he is, and who the majority has elected to be their political leader. Deep inside, he is a blue-collar person who wounds his opponents using words and openly insults his opponents in order to win. It comes natural to his personality but that is who he is openly and behind closed doors. What you see is what you get.  That was how he got to where he is in the business world.  On the sympathetic end, I’d also like to say that I think he a well-meaning person. He loves his country, his family, and will do what it takes to complete his mandate, even if it means climbing all over his political opponents.

I also think the man has the potential to be one of the most effective presidents in the history of the United States. I will say more about this in my next post.  Based on his history as a hard-driving businessman, he will not be the most well-liked, but he can be a very effective leader.

Both liberals must admit that he is an effective businessman. Given his business acumen and sharp sense of intuition, he will be very effective in leading his Administration in the White House. People who work under him might not have an easy time working with him because he will be direct and demand results. I would hate to sit across him in the boardroom because he would not be an easy man to work for. However, he knows what it takes to get the job done and he will get it does because he has done it before in the business world.

No, I do not condone Trump’s insults and use of strong words during the campaign. He used his instincts to do what he needed to do to win. Hillary Clinton also ran a very dirty campaign against Trump but he survived and came out the victor. This was truly amazing and it certainly shocked the majority of liberals who wished him the worst including recent death threats made by people on the left. This man has not even been sworn into office and he is already being criticized. I would say to his detractors to stop calling him down and just let him start governing. History will tell how good of a president he will be. I say we should all give the man a chance to show what he is made of.

Post-November 2016 Presidential-Election

2016-election-logoI have been observing the reaction of liberals during the post U.S. presidential election. It has been very disappointing to see their immature reaction to Donald Trump’s victory. I hate to use the terms “immature” and “sore losers” but the physical, social and mental behaviour from the left seem very fitting of such a description.  Charges of racism, bigotry, sexism do not help and only detracts from civility.  The left has ignored real pressing issues that matter, e.g., radical Islam, terrorism, loss of jobs, the economy, health care, etc.  Donald Trump recognized the void in addressing the issues that matter to populist America.  But Clinton and the Democrats decided to hide their heads in the sand, and play it safe and avoid being labelled racist, bigot, or Islamaphobe.  I know what I am saying will not be popular with some millennials, liberals, socialists, but I do think I stand in the middle of the road when it comes to politics; therefore, I feel what I am about to say is fair.

Would I like to see a woman president or another racial minority as President or Prime Minister? Yes I would. I would also be the first to agree that women and racial minorities are as capable and effective in handling the highest political office in the land. However, it must be the right man or woman for the job. For now, it is Donald Trump’s time and place to be President of the United States of America. Why does the left fret, worry and cry? Won’t there also be a time and place for another Democratic president to lead the country? There will be many future opportunities for presidential leaders from both political stripes to take turns leading the country.

In November 2016, Donald Trump won the election fair and square.  Whether you agree with him or not, Trump hurled many insults but he has survived many insults and unfair treatment by people on the left and right, the media, and the elitist crowd. This time around, the majority of Americans have voted for the person they want to lead the country because they felt the country needed to take a turn in a different direction. All people have the freedom and right to their own opinions and expression of it, as long as it is legal and constitutional. The American people have expressed their opinion and their feeling that the current direction it was going in under Obama had to change.

The loss of Clinton and the Democrats is not just about low-ball insults made by Trump because Hillary Clinton also needs to accept her responsibilities for her dishonesty in accepting illegal donations made to the Clinton Foundation, her use of the illegal email server, and other things that were not above board. Time will tell if she will be charged for the illegal acts she has committed. I have not heard Democrats accept her actions as a real possible consequences and responsibilities. This silence from the left is deplorable. All political leaders should be held accountable for their actions.

As parents, we expect our children to play fair. As adults, we must ask ourselves if we are we truly playing fair when it comes to political elections and accepting the results. The liberal elite (including university professors, and organizational leaders) has been immature when it comes to this. It should be simple to understand that both conservatives and liberals will have their chance to lead and influence the country, state, province, or city in the direction the majority has decided. These are the rules of representative democracy and we have learned to live with these rules for hundreds of years to come. It has given us liberal and conservative presidents, governors, premiers, and prime ministers around the world; and yet, the world has not fallen apart. Politics have a way of correcting itself through the balance of power and representative democracy. Countries around the world could only wish they had what we have today in the West.

When conservatives and Republicans win the popular vote, the right did not riot on the streets or behave in the manner that the left has been showing in public.  The thing that is bothering me at this moment (four days after election day) is that Clinton and Obama are not anywhere to be seen and heard. Shouldn’t they be speaking out to discourage and quiet-down the riots on the streets?  Their silence speaks to me where they are on this issue of civil peace and good order. We all agree that everyone has the right to speak publicly about how they feel, but currently the left is not showing class when it comes to openness and acceptance of a democratic vote that was decided by the majority. What I find counter-productive are some of the signs that say: “Trump is not my president”. I don’t think people who voted Republican when Barack Obama won said such harsh things like this. Conservatives gave Obama a chance to prove his leadership. For the next four years, it will be the Republican’s turn to govern.

Is Gen. Petraeus affair a coverup of Benghazi coverup?

News  (NBC post-election) (FOX) (CNBC pre-election) and more, about General Petraeus’ affair and resignation is coming out now. Why now? The perfect timing of this story is sounding very strange and does not add up. It is strange that the story brewing in the media right now is about Petraeus and not Benghazzi. What does an affair have to do with getting information about Benghazzi to the Obama Administration?! Most affairs, especially those involving non-political figures, stay underground. This is an ordinary affair. There’s no Security breach. Gen. Petraeus has been in more trouble than this so why is this affair such a big deal in the media today? He has a reputation as a great leader, and a bright man. Whether he had an affair is one story, but there’s a bigger story at stake–Benghazi cover up. Reasons for this fishy story’s existence raises more questions.

Is this affair just a tactic to distract the real news about the Benghazi cover up? Are the Democrats attempting to cover up their cover up, in order to protect President Obama’s chances of re-election? If the 2012 Presidential election had happened some other time, would this story about Petraeus’ affair even become a story?

Is this news just a distraction from the real news? Is it a Democratic ploy used to excuse and explain why the news about Benghazi did not reach President Obama until after Nov. 8, 2012 (2 days after the national Presidential election)?

Is Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) play-up of this story distracting from the Benghazi coverup? If so, is General Petraeus being used as a fall guy for Obama’s re-election?

Things are getting very fishy. The “balloon” is getting bigger.  When it really blows up, could this blow up and become, what some might call, Benghazi-gate?

President Obama gets another chance for 2nd term

Congratulations to President Barack Obama. He gave a great victory speech because he exuded hopefulness and he embraced inclusivity. Amongst many great lines, my favorite line was: “…together we rise and fall as one nation, and as one people”. Obama truly understands that the greatness of a nation is the sum of its people, not just one cross-section of America. I am proud of President Obama for this understanding. (From listening to some Republican candidates, many still to need to grasp this principal of nation-building and come to the realization that the nation has changed).

Obama is humble because he knows where he came from. I can relate to humble beginnings because I am child of immigrant parents to Canada. I may not agree with some of Obama’s social policies, but I, like many, are not absolutely conservative on all social issues either, and I do agree with some of his policies too.

Obama is also a man who loves God and nation–necessities of a good national leader. I do not relate with the rhetoric of my fellow conservatives who falsely accuse Obama of being a Muslim, unAmerican, and a socialist (neither do I understand it when liberals falsely accuse Romney of some things too). Come on, let’s get real here. That’s just pure ignorant hogwash and gives us a bad name. Mitt Romney resonates with many Americans. The economy and jobs were big issues for many Americans. Whether liberals like it or not, Romney also would have made a good president. I am confident that Romney also would have done a great job if he was elected. (If I were an American, I might consider myself an Independent; but I’m very proud to be Canadian, proud of my great country, and of my Prime Minister).

In 2012, the economy was the most important issue for all Americans. And yes, the national debt is still ballooning, and unemployment is still very high. However, this election did not seem to turn only on the state of the economy. Rather, it likely also turned on social issues. Like it or not, people blame the poor economy on George W. Bush, not Obama.

Americans voted with their hearts. Despite the jobless numbers, there are many who still like Obama. They may not like the current state of the economy, but they do like what he stands for. Obama knows how to embrace all people and understands their challenges. I did not hear this in the rhetoric of Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney focused solely on the economy and jobs in his campaign. Perhaps this was his campaign’s mistake. Did Romney speak out enough on abortion and other issues conservatives are concerned about?

The majority of Americans wanted to give Obama another chance, even though the economy isn’t so great. In my opinion, people did not vote purely for economic change, but also for social change. Social issues was a big factor, especially on gender equality issues and health care. There was an 18% margin in the women’s vote. The House now has a record number of women (all Democratic). ObamaCare, as divisive as it has been, will give new health care to millions more people who never had it before. This will be a good thing for the future of the nation, but it will cost a lot of money. Better health care for all people has now become a part of nation-building, and the majority of the American people have agreed to this. Kudos to my American friends.

Coverup of Libya by Obama Administration

The facts have now been released (see news here, here, and here).  The Obama Administration knew all along that the violence in the Middle East was not simply an uprising caused by an anti-Islamic film. It was clearly a terrorist attack but they chose not to protect their own American service personnel and foreign Ambassador to Libya.  They allowed the liberal media to manufacture a lie and took advantage of the people’s ignorance about what was really happening in Arab nations, thereby, we have Arab Spring.  The Obama Administration, and Hillary Clinton, both knew it was a terrorist attack all along.   The American Consulate had asked for help but received no support from President Obama. This looks like a serious failure in leadership on the part of this Administration. It may be even more serious because there is the issue of a cover up.

So why did Obama not inform the public about what was really happening?  Because they knew it would hurt their chances of Obama’s re-election in November this year, if they knew Obama’s real ideology and failure to support American foreign service personnel.  Is this a cover-up?  Most definitely, “Yes”, and a very big one too.

This may hurt Obama’s campaign even in these last few days, just two days before election day.  If this news were to come out a month ago, people would not be supporting  Obama to the extent they have been.  But it looks like Mitt Romney may win anyway if the undecided voters side with challenger Mitt Romney. Why has the liberal news media been so quiet about this?  Are they trying to protect Obama?  It sure seems like it. What if this issue had surrounded a Republican president?… The liberal media would then be all over this like vultures.  But if Obama does squeek by with a victory, we might see an “Arab-Spring Gate”.

Romney’s grounded stance vs Obama’s fluffy “feel good” stance

It will be interesting to see how the dust settles after all the political handshakes, kisses, and venomous rhetoric simmers down after Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  This has been one contentious campaign in U.S. politics but much is at stake.

Conservatives fear the continuation of another four years of a bad economy and high unemployment.  Liberals fear a reversion of ObamaCare and a rollback of Obama’s influence on the pro-gay agenda.

The big thing in this election is the economy.  Funny the Obama campaign did not deal with the economy very well in their campaign ads.   Check out the Obama and Romney campaign ads (links to their  YouTube channels are below).  Obama seems to be pure “feel good” ads but wasn’t it always this way?  Now that the President is the incumbent, he is in the position to give the people a record of his achievements.  Does he do this?  Judge for yourself.  I don’t think so.

Romney’s campaign ads tend to be grounded in the economy.  Pure and simple—it’s about the jobs.  Romney is now in the same position Obama was back in 2008. That is, he can talk up a good speech without having any evidence to back up his promises (except their prior successes in government/business).  But that’s the privilege in being the non-incumbent.  Let’s see if Romney can back up his words better than Obama if he becomes the next President of the United States.  In my personal opinion, I think Romney has a very good chance to win this election.

Romney on YouTube:

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