This blog discusses issues about the bible, theology, mission and some current affairs.  Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving your comments.


Where I live: My family and I live in British Columbia, Canada.  I serve as a chaplain, and am honored to use my life to serve God and country.  Places where I’ve lived:  Victoria, Toronto area, Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Ottawa.

Things I enjoy: Blogging at a coffee shop; exercising at the gym; mountain biking; skating and spending time with my family; reading; cat.

What I’m learning: Each day, I am learning to live in God’s grace, peace and power, and always learning to be a good husband, father and a good citizen (sometimes through mistakes).  With the strength and time God has graciously given to me, I allow myself to be challenged intellectually, make opportunities for continuous learning and share what I have learned about Scripture, theology, and practical ministry.

Thanks for visiting.

Grace and peace to you,
K.A. Sam


Some extraneous things about the author:

My goal for the year: get off my lazy butt and run 5-10 km; and start biking to work.
My main transport: Subaru Outback.
My fun but economical transport: Yamaha 50cc scooter.
My other transport: Trek touring bicycle; and GT 29er mountain bike.
A few of my predictions about the near future:

1) popularity of virtual reality (VR) technology;
2) a strengthened economies around the world and most developing nations;
3) a cleaner environment worldwide;
4) a large movement in national boundaries around the world.

Reformational theologians most influential in my life:  Martin Luther & John Calvin.
A favorite book: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
A favorite contemporary preacher: John Piper.
A favorite author: Tim Keller.
All-time favorite hymns: A Mighty Fortress, Take My Life and Let it Be, I Surrender All, and All Hail the Power of Jesus Name.


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