Number of books to read for 2010

I was just doing a little inventory of how many books I managed to read since completing seminary in November 2008. From then until the end of 2009, my count of theological books read is 25. This was more than I had thought so I have to be happy with that.

My goal for this year of 2010 is to aim for 20 books. If I can manage 20, I’ll be happy, considering family and work is keeping me quite busy. How many books to you get to read in a year? What is your goal for 2010?


Author: Kevin S.

A follower of Jesus, a husband and a father. Hobbies include biking, keeping fish if they don't die on me, blogging when I can, theologizing and ministry, and pondering about world affairs.

3 thoughts on “Number of books to read for 2010”

  1. I’ve started the year with reading the main theological book (the Bible, of course) with the help of a reading plan. Otherwise I’ll just cheat and read the last page (He Lives!). Hehehe.

    Seriously, I don’t know how many books I plan to read this year, until I finish the Bible, all 84 books in the ecumenical edition. I’m hoping for twenty books for 2010 myself since I usually manage 25-30 in a typical year. Not having cable nor having a TV in the bedroom helps my reading. But I wouldn’t hate myself if I can finish just 15. Anything lower would be shameful.


  2. I always have great expectations for reading a particular number of books during a given year. Its funny how when you look back at a particular year, how many books you actually did read. To be honest, I am always surprised.

    BTW: Did I see a letter to the editor by you in the most recent edition of “First Things”?


  3. Qohelet, reading all the books of the bible in a year is admirable. Yes, got to get rid of that TV myself.

    Tim, yes, that was my letter to the editor. I have to pick up the most recent edition to check it out. Thanks for letting me know.


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