H1N1 and not shaking hands in church

The  news about  the H1N1 virus seems to be that it is spreading faster.  This will be important for all churches to be considering at the moment.

As a result, our two congregations have decided that our people will not be shaking hands with one another at church. This means no shaking hands with the pastor and no sharing the peace…at least until the flue season is over.  We thought that taking this preventive measure will minimize the chance of contracting the virus. Another precaution is to keep some hand sanitizers around the church like they do in hospitals and health care centers. We have also decided that people serving/assisting in holy communion should use hand sanitizer before serving.


Author: Kevin S.

A follower of Jesus, a husband and a father. Hobbies include biking, keeping fish if they don't die on me, blogging when I can, theologizing and ministry, and pondering about world affairs.

2 thoughts on “H1N1 and not shaking hands in church”

  1. We have done the same thing where I am filling a vacancy. It was hard to not shake hands, but I had been indirectly exposed to H1N1 on a recent extended trip. So I told them I did this for their sake.


  2. Rich, you’re doing the right thing. H1N1 is spreading. There’s 2 confirmed cases at the local school in my area now. Some still wanted to shake hands with me on the way out. Maybe the availability of hand sanitizer at the door helps them let their guard down and offer their handshake.


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