The hermeneutical quiz on biblical worldview

I just took a This hermeneutics quiz (also taken by several bloggers). When I do take tests like these, I often question the validity of them so I never take them very seriously. But I will post this one. This one may have more dimensions to it so it may be more accurate and less skewed than most tests out there. This hermeneutics test rates how one interprets the bible. I am not surprised that I came out to be a hermeneutical conservative scoring a 47, but I’m closer toward the moderate end of conservative. The range for “conservative” runs from 20 to 52 (20 being on the more conservative end of the scale).


Author: K.A. Sam

Kevin is a follower of Jesus, a husband and a father. Hobbies include coffee, biking, blogging theologizing, practical ministry, and pondering about world affairs.

12 thoughts on “The hermeneutical quiz on biblical worldview”

  1. Hey, does Iyov count, Kevin??? 😉

    I got a 49, slightly more moderate than you, Kev. I suppose that’s because I’ve been influenced by my many years in the United Methodist Church. I’m very conservative there. But to many of my friends in other denoms I’m almost liberal! I guess it’s relative!


  2. Well, I don’t know if Iyov is cheating on the questions (well, are you Iyov?) but his 24 means he’s more conservative than either of us. Well, being in the Lutheran church in these past few years has also made me more moderate. But deep inside, I still feel conservative.


  3. Oh no, I’m not accusing him of cheating! 😉 I just figured since he’s Jewish, his score would almost have to be down at that end. (Goes to show what I know!)


  4. I scored 62… is the score more like golf or bowling?

    Actually I wasn’t sure which end I would lean more towards so it was fun to take a little test.


  5. Gary, being Jewish means one can go both ways on the scale.

    If Nathan can score 62 and TC at 50, looks like we’ve redefined what liberal is.


  6. Kevin,

    I always thought these terms were relative depending on the nature of the discussion and the circle you’re in, at least among evangelicals, even that term needs redefining.


  7. Absolutely TC. A person’s various views can be seen as liberal and conservative even within the same denomination. On some theological issues, I have been perceived as liberal and on others I’m seen as conservative. It kind of surprises me when I think about it.


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